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The Morning Dream Bundle

Welcome to the pinnacle of quality milk with The Morning Dream Bundle, a collection designed to transform your morning ritual into a seamless and indulgent experience.

  • The Morning Dream: A premium milk steamer that guarantees smooth, creamy milk with precise temperature control, suitable for all types of milk.
  • Dream Jug: A sleek, stylish jug that adds a touch of luxury to your coffee or tea, making your beverages creamier and more delightful.
  • Dream Wand Wipe: An essential accessory for a clean, hassle-free milk steaming experience, ensuring your setup remains spotless.
  • Dream Cleaner Set: Includes Cafetto Renew Descaler and Cafetto MFC Powder Eco to keep your coffee gear in pristine condition.

Upgrade your morning coffee experience with the Morning Dream Bundle - where luxury meets convenience.

Pre-orders deliver October 2024.

Morning Dream Colour:

  • Black
  • White
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The Morning Dream Bundle