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3fe Coffee
Momentum Blend

Momentum Blend is 3fe's popular seasonal blend. It is sweet, smooth, chocolatey, and nutty and is served at their locations and at some of the most excellent cafes across Ireland - now available for home brewers.

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.

*Any capsules labelled as a "sale" item have a remaining shelf life between 2-8 months.


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Coffee notes
  • Tasting Notes
    Chocolate, Nutty, Smooth
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness

Momentum Blend


Coffee details

3fe Coffee

3fe Coffee, short for Third Floor Espresso, was born out of a deep passion for making great coffee. Founded by Colin Harmon, the Dublin-based coffee company started as a small cart in the lobby of the Twisted Pepper nightclub in 2009. The mantra at 3fe Coffee is simple - "make nice coffee, be nice to people and they'll come back guaranteed".

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  • Type
  • Processing
    Natural | Washed
  • Origin
    Thailand | Brazil
  • Varietal
    Catuaí | Typica | Chiang Mai
  • Roast level
  • Suitability
    Espresso, Milk Coffee, Long Black, Iced Coffee.
  • Others

On the Morning Machine

Brew Mode: Short Dark Roast

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