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Meet Our Roaster Partners

MORNING Roaster Partners

A core part of the Morning ecosystem is our partner coffee roasters. At Morning, we constantly scour the globe, curating and finding the best roasters who progressively introduce new coffees via the capsule format. At launch, we are introducing the first batch of coffee roasters to be featured on Morning with an impressive array of capsule coffees. Here’s a quick introduction to our launch roasters for you to get to know them a little bit more.

April Coffee Roasters

Founded by Patrik Rolf in 2016, April Coffee is a Nordic roastery based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Patrik has an impressive resume, which includes prestigious European roasters such as da Matteo in Gothenburg and Five Elephant in Berlin. Patrik is also a Coffee Masters tournament finalist and more recently, came in as runner-up at the 2019 World Brewers Cup in Boston. April focuses on roasting and their progressive style always aims to roast coffee to be transparent and sweet.April Coffee Roasters


Together with his wife, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood set up Colonna Coffee in Bath, UK. Maxwell has a long list of accolades, being a 3-time UK Barista Champion and World Barista Championship Finalist on another 3 occasions. Colonna are one of pioneering roasters to package ground specialty coffee into single-serve Nespresso compatible capsules and have been very popular since launch.

Colonna Coffee Roasters

St. ALi Coffee

St. ALi is a major contributor to the rise of Melbourne’s cafe culture and defining specialty coffee in Australia. Head of Coffee, Matt Perger oversees everything coffee at St. ALi and is the 2012 World Brewers Cup Champion, a two-time Australian Barista Champion and a two-time World Barista Championship Finalist. St ALi was also represented at the London Coffee Masters on two occasions. You can find St. ALi cafes in Sydney, Melbourne and Jakarta.

St Ali Coffee Roasters

Papa Palheta

Papa Palheta started roasting coffee from a quaint little cafe tucked away in an unassuming location in Singapore 10 years ago. They lead the way through Singapore’s Third Wave cafe boom and now roasts and purveys specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. Papa Palheta always aims to source beans with transparency and traceability and roasts in micro batches that allows for meticulous quality control.

Papa Palheta Coffee Roasters

Volcano Coffee Works

In 2010, chef-turned-roaster, Kiwi Kurt Stewart founded Volcano Coffee Works in London. Starting from a coffee cart, Volcano Coffee Works now roasts from two sites in London. In one of the world’s most fiercely competed specialty coffee scenes, Volcano Coffee Works supplies some 150 restaurants, cafe and office partners across the UK. Volcano Coffee Works has been represented at the London Coffee Masters on three separate occasions.

Volcano Coffee Works


When the Third Wave coffee movement landed in the Philippines in 2013, Yardstick Coffee was ready to open its doors to those looking for a cup of specialty coffee. Yardstick is home to two-time Philippines National Barista Champion Aldrin Lumaban, who has also represented the Philippines at the World Barista Championship on two other occasions. Visiting their shop in Manila, you would find coffee in different formats from cold brew coffee, espresso-based drinks and most recently their Snack capsule line.

yardstick coffee roaster

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