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Wolstton Coffee

Location: Spain

Founder: Miguel Ángel Aguado

Wolstton Coffee is a specialty coffee purveyor based in Madrid, delivering premium and unique blends in the capsule format. Sourcing coffee from five continents, including unique regions like Mexico, Nepal, and Hawaii, they emphasize the rare Galapagos Island beans, cultivated in optimal Arabica conditions due to the islands' volcanic terrain and ocean currents. Wolstton combines meticulous blending and roasting with sustainability, delivering a balanced fusion of world-class flavors centered around the Galapagos bean.

Wolstton Coffee

Getting to know the team at Wolstton Coffee.

What's the story behind Wolstton Specialty Coffee and how did it all begin?

Our journey began when we observed that coffee was frequently an afterthought in fine dining establishments and luxury hotels. Furthermore, there appeared to be a widespread lack of understanding about specialty coffee. While many products have achieved remarkable sophistication over time, coffee is only now beginning to receive the attention it truly deserves — in its preparation, acknowledgment of its origins, presentation, and the overall consumption experience. As coffee enthusiasts, we recognized an opportunity with Wolstton Coffee to lead this movement and elevate coffee to unparalleled heights.

Can you share more about how Wolstton Specialty Coffee approaches sourcing and roasting coffee?

The origins of our coffee beans are among the most distinguishing features of our brand. All our coffees are specialty coffees, sourced from exotic locations and recognised for their outstanding quality. Each batch has a minimum rating of 84 points, placing us within the top 1% of coffee producers globally.

In particular, we have forged strong ties with producers from various regions: the Galapagos Islands (specifically Finca La Bohemia in Santa Cruz), the Canary Islands (a small farm north of La Palma), and Nepal (a farm linked with a Buddhist orphanage in Kathmandu, nestled on the Himalayan slopes). Once we've secured these premium green beans, we begin the roasting process. Our roasting approach follows a meticulously determined curve development, optimized for capsule use. This ensures a harmonious balance between extracting the flavors and authentically representing the bean's origin, which we further refine using specific colorimetry techniques.

What truly differentiates Wolstton is our innovative approach to conceptualise blends. These creations combine beans from different origins to craft a wholly unique coffee experience. Each blend accentuates the unique characteristics of its constituent beans, delivering a story grounded in their origins. For example, Wolstton Mirovia is a blend that combines beans from all five continents, potentially unmatched anywhere else, symbolising a cosmopolitan and exquisite coffee. Another standout is Wolstton Kirati, a blend from Nepal and the Galapagos, embodying the essence of nature and harmony through its sensory qualities.

To reiterate, our roasting approach employs a precise curve development tailored for capsules. This guarantees a balance between flavor extraction and the true representation of the beans' origins, further enhanced by rigorous colorimetry.

What motivated Wolstton Specialty Coffee to explore the capsule coffee format?

At Wolstton, we leverage cutting-edge technology and ongoing industry innovations, combined with relentless research and development, to advocate for capsules as the prime method for delivering our coffee to elite hotels, restaurants, and homes that value excellence. Pairing the Wolstton Experience with The Morning Machine enables us to provide unmatched quality hand-in-hand with convenience.

We all have our morning routines, and coffee often plays a crucial role in them. What's your morning ritual?

The answer to this can vary based on the day, one's mood, or the tasks at hand. What I've come to appreciate is that at Wolstton, we've developed varieties tailored to cater to each of these nuances. Our process elevates the daily routine into a sophisticated and elegant experience: powering up the Morning Machine, retrieving a cup, choosing the blend that resonates with the moment, delighting in the aromas, admiring the crema, feeling the warmth through the glass, and then the distinct sound signalling the culmination of your Wolstton Experience.

What excites you the most at this moment and for the future of Wolstton Coffee as a brand/business?

Our vision is to redefine the coffee experience, transforming it into a concept that's nuanced, enriching, enigmatic, and poetic — each cup overflowing with stories. This essence is captured whether the coffee is enjoyed in your favorite spot at home, appreciated at the end of a meal in a fine dining restaurant, or remembered fondly during a stay at an exceptional hotel.