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Jack Murat

Location: Australia

Founder: Jemal Murat & Family

Jack Murat Coffee is a family business dedicated to growing, roasting, and sharing some of Australia's finest coffee. Located in tropical far north Queensland the Murat family nurture their crop from seedlings, and all the coffee is processed on the farm in Mareeba.

Jack Murat

Getting to know Jemal Murat - Founder of Jack Murat.

How did the journey of Jack Murat start?

The journey starts in 1929, when my grandfather Hymet Murat arrived in Australia. Everyone called him Jack. In the fields of tropical Queensland, Jack helped sow the seeds of the region's agricultural industry and the beginning of a family tradition working on the land. Almost 90 years later, we made the decision as a family to use the same fertile ground and ideal tropical conditions to grow Arabica coffee. As a mark of respect, we’ve put Jack’s name on the label.

Can you share more about Jack Murat's approach to sourcing and roasting coffee?

Jack Murat is exclusively sourced from our beloved family farm. Each year around July, with favourable weather and tender care we undertake harvesting and processing – each time refining and tinkering to bring nuanced shifts in flavour. The roasting process is then tailored to best accentuate the harvest and its lots for a specific year – something we trust you will taste in every cup.

What was the inspiration for Jack Murat to decide to put coffees into the convenient capsule format?

It was simply the opportunity to feature in the homes of our customers. We recognise the growing embrace of specialty coffee at home and it is our keen interest to be a part of that.

Coffee is fuel to get us moving throughout the day, especially in the morning. What is your daily morning ritual like?

The sunrise charge of my two children serves as an alarm spurring me into action; and making my wife and I an espresso.

What are you most excited about right now and for the future of Jack Murat as a brand?

The prospects of our most recent harvest and resolutely continuing our path of elevating Australian coffee. It’s a life project and we won’t be content until Australia can be counted among the world’s best growing nations.

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